Blend S (2017)(TV Series)(Complete)

Blend S (2017)(TV Series)(Complete)

* Based on a seinen manga series written and illustrated by [Nakayama Miyuki]. High school student [Sakuranomiya Maika] wants to save money to study abroad, but she`s had little luck in finding a job so far because, when nervous, she has a stiff, unnatural smile that scares peo...

Kin`iro Mosaic (2013)(TV Series)(Complete)

Kin`iro Mosaic (2013)(TV Series)(Complete)

[Oomiya Shinobu], a 15-year-old seemingly traditional Japanese girl, actually went to stay with a host family in the UK. Even after coming back to Japan, she still misses her time overseas. One day, a letter arrives by airmail from [Alice Cartelet], from Shinobu`s host family in...

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