• Type: Web
  • Episode Count: 6
  • Start Date: 2003-10-24
  • End Date: 2003-10-24
  • URL : http://www.blamenet.com
  • ANIDB Rating: 5.94

The visual experience takes place in a city that is said to have thousands of levels. In a shut down area, thousands of levels above and below make it impossible to tell the sky from the ground, or which way is up or down. Will the mysteries bound in this time and world be unravelled? For the humans who found this vast multi-level city, the mysterious  [Killy] wanders the levels in search of the fabled Net Terminal Genes that were not infected. A huge burden rests on his shoulders for this is a crucial mission. But what is so special about the Net Terminal Genes? Note: These clips are meant as a bonus to the manga, and should only be taken as such. Do not expect any plot in these. They are merely animated (short) scenes from the manga.

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