Mononoke-hime (1997)(Movie)(Complete)

Mononoke-hime (1997)(Movie)(Complete)

While fighting to save his village from the attack of a demon-god [Ashitaka] comes in contact with it and is inflicted with a deadly curse. In his search for a cure he is forced to leave his village forever and journey to the forest inhabited by animal gods. There he finds himse...

Hells (2008)(Movie)(Complete)

Hells (2008)(Movie)(Complete)

Amagane Rinne, an up-beat schoolgirl, has died. Even though she is dead, she still has to go to school. But if she`s dead, where would she go to school? In Hell, of course! But making friends in a school filled with demons isn`t as easy as it sounds.... Source: AnimeSensei...

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